Baby Safety Month!

In case you forgot, September is Baby Safety Month.  There are a lot of resources on line if you’re interested in building an education/outreach program. 

  • has compiled a Calendar of Tips to create a baby-safe environment.  Tips include bolting bookcases to the wall (to deter accidents for those future rock climbers) and using back stove burners instead of those in front.
  • MVP Healthcare has assembled a Health and Safety, Birth to 2 Years guide.   It includes safety guidelines and precautions you can take inside (like safe standards for baby furniture) and outside the home (like teaching proper behavior around animals).


The Kresge Foundation has several grant programs under the Health Programs umbrella that award funds to promote “healthy and safe communities for adults and children living in underserved urban and rural areas.”  There don’t appear to be any deadlines for some of their programs.  They will award up to $750,000 over a three year period.  Don’t let that amount scare you off from applying!  I’m sure they consider smaller programs, too.


Safe Kids USA began working on child safety issues in 1988 to address an alarming problem:  More children under age 14 were dying from what people call “accidents” (motor vehicle crashes, fires and other injuries) than from any other cause.  Earlier this year they released Raising Safe Kids: One Stage at a Time; an extensive review of child development research and unintentional injury.  The report includes age-specific safety recommendations.


And speaking of children, the Office of Rural Health and the Rural WI Health Cooperative have just released the Club Scrub Toolkit.  This is a “grow your own” approach to solving the health care provider problem in rural (and urban) areas.  Club Scrub is designed to expose 7th and 8th grade students to health care careers in a way that engages them and opens their minds to possibilities in career choices that they may not have considered, and to do so at an early age.  The toolkit contains lesson plans, customizable forms and letters and meeting ideas.

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