Telemedicine, HIT and Rural Healthcare

I was planning to do a post on telemedicine sometime soon.  Then in the last few days, I’ve seen a number of reports and articles on this subject, especially as it relates to rural healthcare.  My plan started when I came across this post about patients having access to their physicians through a variety of technologies […]

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Are Rural Hospitals Living Up To Expectations?

I just got back in the office after spending the first half of the week in Portland, ME at the National Conference of State Flex Programs.  Flex is a federally funded program that provides various types of assistance to rural health care providers, including hospitals, clinics and EMS.  There was a lot of buzz about […]

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Free Clinics

I just found out about this great video on a free health clinic in Boscobel, the Inhealth CommunityWellness Clinic.   Free clinics are a necessary part of the health care safety net, given our current economic and budget situation and the rising cost of health care.  There are a few online directories of clinics in Wisconsin, […]

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WI Office of Rural Health Workshop Roundup

A couple weeks ago, the WI Office of Rural Health hosted a workshop, Hospital Foundations: Managing for Success.  I can honestly say this was one of the best events we’ve hosted.  We recorded the day; it’s available from our website, about halfway down the page under Hospital & Clinic Leadership & Management.  This is where […]

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Hospital Foundation Workshop

The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health will host a free workshop June 10 in Sauk City, Hospital Foundations: Managing for Success.  This is the latest in our series of workshops and informational sessions to help rural health care providers maintain and improve operations and service.  Whether you currently have a foundation and are interested in […]

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EMS Frequent Users

Rural EMS, at least in Wisconsin, is chronically short of resources.  Funds, equipment, staff—pretty much everything needed to run an emergency response agency.  If you’re involved with an EMS, this certainly isn’t news to you.  Most public agencies rely on town or county funding.  In case you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ll know […]

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In Wisconsin, the Buy Local Movement Now Includes Hospitals

Two hospitals in western Wisconsin recently announced they’ve committed 15% of their food budget to locally produced food.  Sacred Heart (Eau Claire) and St. Joseph’s (Chippewa Falls) Hospitals will buy approximately $345,000 from local producers each year, including produce, beef, poultry, and cheese.  The Hospitals will purchase their food through the Producers & Buyers Co-op, […]

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Building Community

Collaboration, especially in rural communities with limited resources, is a vital component of community development.  No one can do it on their own.  This report from last fall describes that importance and has a great example of a successful collaboration to develop a rural health network.  We believe that economic/community development and health care are […]

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